Central London Aesthetics provides cosmetic injections in a medical setting.
We aim to restore, maintain and enhance natural good looks without resorting to surgery

Cosmetic Injections Peterborough

The wrinkles and lines on our faces are the result of ageing, lifestyle, sun damage, genetics and use or overuse of facial muscles. Smoking, hormones and stress can make wrinkles worse and lead to premature wrinkling.  We have introduced the bespoke cosmetic injections in Peterborough for anyone affected by this with a medical approach.
Wrinkles which occur with ageing are caused by a variety of reasons, and dealing it with cause and harmony is the best treatment. We offer effective cosmetic medicine in Peterborough to treat this skin damage

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A natural gel used to add volume and signs of aging in face.


A muscle relaxing drug used to smooth lines of forehead and around the eyes.


Treatments available

We offer a wide range of injectable treatments dealing with underlying causes of lines and wrinkles.
These can relax muscles or replace lost volume and hydration so:


Meet Dr. Amrit Takhar

Dr Takhar has been a General Practitioner for over 20 years and specialised in Aesthetic and Cosmetic medicine over the past 8 years. He trained at medical school in Birmingham and after completing GP training he gained a distinction in the Membership exam of the Royal College of GPs. He has been a trainer for 20 years and is an active researcher. He has taught on numerous workshops around the UK. He has always had a special interest in skin conditions has been undertaking minor surgical procedures and injectable treatments for over 20 years.

Dr Amrit Takhar has received specialist training in the use and administration of all products and treatments offered including  undertaking annual masterclass training in London on advanced use of dermal fillers such as Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volite, Juvederm volift and Juvederm volbella ( the excellent vycross range).He has also undertaken practical training in use of Merz Radiesse plus and Belotero range as well as Profhilo.

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